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Strain Overview

The Scoop: One look at American Dream’s complex lineage (Afghani, Skunk #1, Jamaica, and Hawaiian) and you’ll know it possesses some seriously positive characteristics. In this strain’s case, the high yield is what stands out the most, followed by its sweet and tropical flavors. Far from being the most potent strain on the market today, the Sativa side delivers a delightful creative buzz.

The Result: An Indica-dominant hybrid that will wipe away your anxiety and pain, American Dream will leave you drowsy but not couch-locked. It will, however, inspire you to raid the pantry shelves for some tasty munchies.

The Verdict: This strain is a definite high yielder, regardless of where you choose to plant it. That said, the SOG method of cultivation tends to elevate your overall yield and bring out the best of this bumper crop. Whether that setup is something you’re up for or not depends on your confidence and experience level. As far as the smoke goes – American Dream produces a pleasant painkilling high that’s perfect for the newbie consumer.

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American Dream Cannabinoid Profile

Full spectrum cannabinoid profiling provided by SC Labs

Strain Characteristics

Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Also Known As: Dreamer

Genetics: Afghani x Skunk #1 x Jamaica x Hawaii

Origin: Mysterious

How Stoned Will You Get: 7

Average THC: 18.8%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Strain Profile

The Science: This beautiful Indica-dominant specimen is a mixture of landraces and originals. Its genetics were cultivated to provide a high-yielding strain with a short flowering period. That said, American Dream sacrifices only trace amounts of potency for the sake of increased production, spoiling its cultivator with a dreamlike high and massive harvests.

Appearance: American Dream’s nuggets spiral their way up the stems with dark green leaves and lighter green calyxes. Orange and yellow pistils protrude from the flower at crazy angles; the entire structure is coated in a light dusting of potent trichomes. Reminiscent of some patriotic Fourth of July fireworks twinkling in the nighttime sky, American Dream is a sight to behold.

Consistency: Normally rock hard and dense, this Indica-dominant flower’s density was loosened slightly due to the Sativa influence. Covered in her sugary trichomes, get ready to put some elbow grease into the grinding process – a “Dream” to break up … this strain is not.

Scent: Again, the usual Indica characteristics are present and discernible. The aroma of American Dream combines the deep earthy, hashy, soil-like scent with some sweet and sour overtones. It’s a lot like making a tropical smoothie before washing the fruit – a little earthy but far from unpleasant.

Taste: Similar to its scent, the earthy skunk shines through layers of tropical tasting flavonoids from Jamaica and Hawaii. Hit by waves of fruity sweetness, smoking American Dream is like biting into a fresh pineapple while relaxing on your beach-borne hammock. Sweet, soothing, and a bit on the tangy side, its complex flavor profile is truly reminiscent of America’s demographics … pleasantly diverse.

Effect: The American Dream is exemplified by the idea of rags-to-riches — hard work paying off in the end. If you aren’t quite there, perhaps a toke of American Dream, the strain, will help you at least feel like it. If nothing else, it’ll alleviate your anxiety surrounding the inherent desire to make it big. A nice mellow body high ripples through you — like the ripples after a flower petal falls onto a calm lake surface — and almost provides the sensation of receiving a Swedish massage. Munchies are a big side effect here, and American Dream’s Indica dominance can leave you feeling drowsy.

Strain Background: Breeders operate under the idea that their countless (back) crosses and combinations produce strains that are easier to grow, flavorful, potent, etc. Sensi Seeds’ creation is no different, and American Dream is a strain that combines a few stalwarts into a true original. Large buds, quality trichrome blanket, plentiful yields, and tasty smoke delineate this dream.

Medical Uses: Chronic pains, appetite problems

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Growth and Seed Info

Find American Dream near you today

Find American Dream near you today

Note: SOG-style cultivation typically produces the highest yields. Greenhouses and warm climates can produce massive plants, so be ready to hide those bad boys.

Pros: Short flowering period

Cons: Height, she stretches 

Original Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Current Breeder: Sensi Seeds

Known Phenotypes: Reduced lateral branching

Seed Bank of Choice: Sensi Seeds

Flowering Time: 45-50 days

Flowering Type: SOG-style is best

Growth Height: 100-125 cm / 3-4 ft. (indoor)

Expected Yield: Up to 500 g (indoor setting)

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate

Family: Indica

Related Strains: Afghani, Skunk #1, Jamaica, Hawaii

Breeder Quote/Advice: As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain provides its cultivator bountiful yields and quick flowering cycles. Known to provide acceptable results with most cultivation techniques, this strain flourishes in the SCROG and SOG environments.


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