An Insider’s Vaporizer Guide

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The consumption of weed has come a long way in the past century, much to our benefit. Even just 20 years ago, you were pretty much limited to solely smoking flower out of some sort of pipe or a joint. Now, thanks to major advances in technology, there are all kinds of ways to get lifted. The newest and most popular way to get your buzz on these days is the portable vaporizer. A vaporizer is the most useful and convenient device for enjoying your bud, and every smoker should have one. It’s remarkably helpful in getting clean extractions that are not only better for your lungs, but also more discreet for public use.  For vaping neophytes, some of these new machines can be a little confusing. So you don’t have to potentially embarrass yourself by asking your friends to give you the low down on these devices, we’re going to go ahead and explain them.

The most obvious question you may have is, “What is a vaporizer?” A vaporizer is an electronic device that is used to vaporize the active ingredients of your cannabis, preparing it for inhalation. It works by simply heating marijuana at a cooler temperature that doesn’t cause it to burn or combust. A vaporizer is able to heat up the oils in the weed (which is where you find the cannabinoids THC and CBD), and creates a vapor of these oils that can be inhaled. It has the same effect as smoking the weed, but is much less harmful to your lungs.

The temperature stays around 200°C or 392°F which causes the active ingredients in marijuana to boil and then release as a gas or vapor. This delivers the same effect as inhaling smoke, but in a healthier form. There are two heating methods used in vaporizers, conduction and convection. The conduction method heats the marijuana by using direct contact to a heat source. The convection method uses hot air to heat marijuana, which actually causes more vaporization. There are a lot of convection vaporizers to choose from, but a resounding crowd favorite is the G Pen Elite by Grenco Science.

Using a vaporizer is really simple, and is still a great choice for fans of traditional flower who need something for on-the-go situations. It’s important to know why using a vaporizer is a healthy, hassle-free option; messy ashes, unwanted burns and the fear of wasting product are eliminated. Clogged pipes, resin build up and teeth stains also become a thing in the past. Using a vaporizer is really that simple.

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