Ancient Immortality & The Medicinal Value Of Hemp


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Anthropological evidence suggests hemp was used by early Eastern societies as a source of food and medicine since 6,000 B.C. Far before our modern understanding of the nutritional values of hemp, ancient Chinese civilizations incorporated hemp seed into their diets. As a rich source of protein, vitamins. and essential fatty and amino acids, the ancient Chinese cultivated large crops of hemp to fulfill the life sustaining needs of their robust civilization.

Hemp sustains life

With access to copious amounts of hemp, the ancient Chinese began to experiment with the plant as an ingredient in medicines and natural remedies. The ancient text “Pen Ts’ao ching”, from 2737 B.C., shows the first recorded evidence of hemp being used as an effective medicine.

In the text, Chinese emperor and pharmacologist Shen-Nung is credited with creating oils and salves from pressed hemp seed and stalks. He used these products of the hemp plant to treat skin irritation, inflammation, rheumatic pain, intestinal…

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