Anti-Bacterial Hemp Fabric That Will Bring Happiness To Sick Kids


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One of the most concerning issues of hospitals is the risk of infection. Going to a place filled with germ-ridden bodies is the surest way to get sick. One company in Colorado has developed a fabric that actually kills bacteria, and could soon replace sheets and scrubs in hospitals across the world, making them cleaner and safer. It is made from plant-based textiles, primarily hemp.

The danger of healthcare

Across the United States, infections caught during hospital visits account for 1.7 million cases each year, and 99,000 deaths per year in the US alone. This results in an estimated $20 billion in healthcare costs annually.

A strain of staph, known as MRSA is the leading cause of these infections. Traditional fabrics can have living bacteria survive on them for months. Interestingly, studies have shown that several cannabinoids have potent antibacterial properties.

A textile with amazing properties

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EnviroTextile of Colorado has created a fabric with a 60/40 blend of hemp and rayon,…

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