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Aspen, land of ski passes and fake IDs


ASPEN — The hordes of visitors who descended on Aspen for Christmas this year not only left behind their money and holiday cheer — they also left a ton of fake IDs, police said.

“We’re getting a lot of calls (about fake IDs) every day,” said Aspen police officer Brian Stevens, who investigates juvenile crimes.

However, it’s not just visitors trying to pass themselves off as adults. Underage locals are obtaining fake driver’s licenses, too, and could be leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft because they’re sending personal information to foreign criminal organizations, said Stevens and Pitkin County Sheriff’s Investigator Bruce Benjamin.

One marijuana retailer had collected about 60 fakes over the past two or three weeks, Stevens said, and it appears underage shoppers are trying to make more purchases at marijuana shops than liquor stores.

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