Awesome HERB-Exclusive Deals You Don’t Want To Miss


It may only come once a year for some, or it may be every day for others. 

Not only do we all get to enjoy this wondrous plant for the entire day, but there are actually some “dank” 420 deals that go on throughout the day as well. Nothing is more dangerous than shopping while high, right? Everything looks like the greatest purchase ever. Well, sometimes it really is – especially when it’s a crazy deal!

It’s all about those 420 deals

We at HERB have some exclusive 420 deals for you all that are nearly irresistible to pass up on. Not only do we have 50% OFF our beautiful new cannabis cookbook called HERB, but we also are allowing our fans to purchase official HERB t-shirts for the first time ever!  If that’s not enough, we are offering a $4.20 coupon to be taken off upon checkout. It’s the perfect discount for the perfect day.

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