Bernie Sanders: “Marijuana Should Not Be a Federal Crime”

Congressman Keith Ellison, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane O'Meara Sanders greet a capacity crowd of more than 16,000 at the St. Paul RiverCentre on Tuesday, January 26, 2015.   (Pioneer Press: John Autey)



Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made his views on legalized cannabis clear. During a recent rally in Wisconsin, Sanders took to the podium to explain one of the largest platforms his campaign is running on: federal prohibition must come to an end; the time for states to control their individual legalization laws is now.

Bernie Sanders is known as being the most herb-friendly presidential candidate. Some businesses in the cannabis community even started creating Sanders-inspired products to show their support, turning over a portion of the proceeds to his campaign. His continued recognition of the importance to decriminalize and legalize marijuana is doing wonders to support the movement.

Bern, baby, Bern

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As the elections draw nearer, Sanders continues to gain popularity, recently winning Alaska, Hawaii, and Idaho. After this powerful speech in Wisconsin, he won there, too.

“Everybody knows marijuana is not a killer drug like heroine,” Sanders said, as supporters…

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