Bernie’s Badass Response About Legalizing Cannabis


Bernie Sanders is the only candidate for president who actually supports the legalization of cannabis, and on his trip to Puerto Rico, he was pretty “blunt” about it. Although he is the first to admit his Spanish needs a lot of work, he managed to make his message pretty clear.

That’s a yes

He spoke in San Juan ahead of the Democratic primary on June 5th, and Bernie Sanders had the crowd cheering. He spoke in Spanish to the audience, telling them that he’s not good at speaking the language, so he would be doing things in English. That got a good laugh. Then, he got down to business. When asked if he would legalize marijuana as president, he said:

“Sí, my Spanish is good enough to know that word.”

A lone voice of reason

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While cannabis legalization has gained enough steam to make its mark on this presidential election cycle, the other candidates are less than enthusiastic about it. Hillary Clinton says she wants to liberalize America’s drug laws, but what she really means…

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