Best Of Both Worlds: All You Need To Know About Greenhouse Grows


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When it comes to growing cannabis, there are generally two options: indoors or outdoors. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But with the increasing legalization of home growing, as well as commercial cultivation, a new option is gaining popularity: Greenhouse grows.

Overcoming shortfalls: Why greenhouse grows are better

Using a greenhouse gives you the best of both worlds. The control of an indoor environment with the flexibility of an outdoor grow. Here is how it stacks up against the downsides of its counterparts.

Greenhouse grows allow for excellent control of the environment but carry expensive drawbacks. Lighting has to be provided, space is cramped, and concealment can be a problem. Everything normally provided by nature has to come out of your pocket.

In a greenhouse, however, you cut your biggest cost of electricity by using the sun for light. Your grow has plenty of room for cultivation, without damage or modification to your home.

Outdoor grows are far less expensive, but are…

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