Big Tobacco’s Weak Argument: “If We Can’t Do It, You Can’t Do It”


World renowned practitioners and public health officials met recently at Georgetown Law School to discuss and recommend the best ways for states to deal with the legalized marijuana market. Everything from concerns about age restrictions to problems detecting when someone has used cannabis was discussed at the meeting.

Flaw in the system

Many health professionals are looking to drugs that have already been legalized, like alcohol and tobacco, believing cannabis’ regulations should fall within those same limitations. Since most marijuana users inhale the flowers, omitting a smoke that can have repercussions for second-hand inhalers, many officials are looking to the rules surrounding cigarette smoke and the tobacco industry for a comparison.

The only problem? The emerging cannabis industry is entirely different than big tobacco companies, and many advocates are set to prove just that.

During the meeting, officials discussed the idea of whether or not cannabis businesses should be allowed to aid…

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