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Bring The Beauty Of Cannabis Into Your Home


Sometimes it can be all too easy to label cannabis as a “drug“, “medicine“, or “substance”. We forget the fundamental fact that it is a plant. Much of the culture surrounding it is with its end use and is shadowed with controversy, making the simple appreciation of the plant something taboo. It is seen in plastic baggies and ground into powder. The true nature of the plant is that of a living thing, growing and beautiful. One company, Almost Cannabis, is trying to help with that image makeover in its own unique way.

Almost Cannabis


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If you love the sight of cannabis in the pictures you see on the internet and wistfully dream of the day you can grow it yourself without anxiety or fear, you will love this. A company called Almost Cannabis is trying to spread the love of our favorite flower in a novel way: decorative artificial marijuana plants you can put in your home! Imagine having the sight of beautiful green buds greet you in the morning.

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