Can Athletes Change the Perception of Cannabis?


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Illegal, dangerous, addictive, unhealthy: These are some of the words you might expect to hear coming from the lips of cannabis’ biggest critics. Critics whose arguments are antiquated and in many cases unfounded. Today’s culture is influenced more by athletes and celebrities, than by politicians and religious leaders. As a result, the people are demanding change in the laws surrounding cannabis use. Names like Ricky Williams, Eugene Monroe, Nate Jackson, Michael Phelps, and Tim Lincecum are leading the charge as athletes attempt to influence cannabis law and perception in America.

Hypocritical irony

According to a recent Gallop poll, roughly 59% of Americans are sports fans – that means about 6 out of every 10 cannabis critics enjoys watching some sporting event during the year. If by chance that sporting event is NFL football, then it is likely that some of these critics’ favorite players are cannabis users.

Former NFL tight end and medicinal cannabis activist, Nate Jackson, suggested…

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