Can Medical Cannabis Protect the Brain from Concussions?


Can Medical Cannabis Protect the Brain from Concussions?

There’s conflicting information about the benefits of marijuana on the brain, and evidence is currently being gathered regarding the cause-effect relationship that marijuana has on cognitive function. But, there are some things we already know about how the brain functions and about the properties of marijuana. Put together, these bits of data give us fuel for speculation that medical cannabis can protect the brain from concussions. If you play sports or live a lifestyle that necessitates careful watch over your brain’s health, search for “weed delivery near me” to find out where delivers in Los Angeles, and have some assurance you can get the medicine you need.

Evaluating the Brain and Cognition

Looking at the brain scans of young people who use marijuana regularly, we can notice something intriguing. It’s apparent that certain areas of the brains of these adolescent users are smaller than in individuals who don’t smoke marijuana. Also, young users’ brains show more connections between regions than in non-users. Does this have any correlation to cognitive function? It’s difficult to say definitively, but when we look at people who have experienced a concussion, we can see two interesting things happening as related to marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

In the case of concussion, there’s a great deal of inflammation in the brain, which affects neural connectivity and cognitive function. Marijuana has proven anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be assumed that it reduces swelling in the brain and, therefore, damage. Recently, former NFL players have pushed the league to alter its drug policies relating to use of marijuana. These players’ way to see the allowed levels of THC increased from 15 nanograms/liter to as much as 35 nanograms/ liter. Does this have something to do with the idea that smoking medical marijuana might keep players’ brains from becoming inflamed, and thus reduce trauma like concussions? We think it might.

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