Canadian State Votes Yes To Sale Of Edibles


This month, senior citizens in Victoria made their political clout known at a town hall meeting where they pushed the council to adopt a bylaw allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell cannabis-infused edibles.

Changes in Victoria

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said the many seniors who voiced their opinions at public meetings called out specifically for access to edibles, which are easier on their systems than smoking cannabis and give longer lasting relief from medical conditions.

“Our staff and council were compelled. We heard loud and clear from many people who came to the town hall we held, particularly from seniors, and particularly from senior women, that they have chronic pain and they don’t want to smoke marijuana. They want access to edibles.”

The change comes against the safety concerns of British Columbia health officer Perry Kendall, who wrote to the council, urging them to reconsider permitting edibles.

“While I understand that this position was…

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