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Cannaball Run, Part 3: Charlottesville, Virginia and Washington, D.C.


Check out the third installment of this incredible three-part series, brought to you by our good friends at MagicalButter.com. Start off with the first chapter right HERE and then the second chapter here.

Cannaball Run, Part 3: Yes, Virginia, There is a Plant—A Cause

The Cannaball Run continued into the beautiful hills of Virginia, one of the original hemp colonies, as the leaves began to change and the weather turned a little cooler. 
The MagicalButter team decided to stay at the Darden Inn on the campus of the University of Virginia (UVA). The first college in our country to be built without religious influence, UVA was founded by U.S. president and renowned hemp farmer Thomas Jefferson, with the goal of encouraging free thought and intellectual prosperity. And it is magnificent: The New York Times in 1895 described the design as “the most ambitious and monumental architectural project conceived in this century.” Our convoy parked our branded brigade of graphically bud-friendly vehicles in the oversize lot, leaving our phone number displayed on the dashboard in case of any issues with parking.

We enjoyed our first night’s stay on campus and took a walk about on The Lawn, a vast, 
terraced, grassy court at the historic center of the academic community. It was a snapshot of the collegiate experience, vibrant and full of life. The next morning we were awakened bright and early by a phone call from the Transportation Authority of UVA. The gentleman on the other end was very upset at the sight of our colorful cannabis-themed promotional vehicles on the property. I assured him we would have the vehicles moved immediately. Since that wasn’t soon enough, they decided to cancel our event for that Sunday evening—we had planned to host the after-screening party for The Scientist at the UVA business center. Crowds of students were taking selfies in front of our vehicles, apparently indicating a mix of emotions on campus. We next took a trip in the controversial orange MagicalButter limo to Thomas Jefferson’s house, Monticello, a glorious place to call home. An interesting fact the tour revealed was that Jefferson’s many talents, accomplishments, and interests included horticulture. He was prolific, growing over 330 varieties of vegetables and 170 different fruits, as well as a great variety of medicinal herbs and industrial hemp.

Here we have good news and other news. The good news is, yes, hemp is Cannabis sativa, growing…

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