Cannabis Cocktails Are Turning Into A Big (Delicious) Business


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Watch out alcohol, cannabis is starting yet another trend in the alcoholic beverage industry. We all know that Mexican restaurants make the best drinks, however, they’re about to get even better at Gracias Madre. A West Hollywood restaurant has launched cannabis-infused cocktails that contain CBD. What better way to relieve anxiety after a hard day than to kick back with a tasty cocktail that actually contains an anti-anxiety property found in cannabis. Thanks to Jason Eisner, folks will be able to do just that.

Cannabis meets cocktails

Jason Eisner, head bartender at West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre, crafted a trio of cannabis-infused cocktails that contain CBD- an anti-anxiety property found in cannabis. CBD, which is available at various health food stores, is an oil that is capable of being extracted from different parts of the plant and is known to help reduce seizures, relieve anxiety and soothe people that experience psychotic episodes. CBD differs from THC because it doesn’t trigger…

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