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Cannabis Industry Seeks Change Of Image


Language & imagery

Another important aspect in cannabis’ image rebranding has been a tweaking of terminology and imagery surrounding cannabis. According to The Atlantic magazine, instead of using long-popular street slang for cannabis, ‘dope,’ ‘grass,’ ‘cheeb,’ etc, proprietors have instead adopted the more benign-sounding ‘cannabis’ to market their goods. This opens up the market to potentially new customers who might otherwise be made leery by the nefarious-sounding words associated with cannabis.


Also changing are the faces used to market cannabis. It was not long ago that cannabis conjured images Cheech-and-Chong-like stoners sitting around on their couches, smoking their days away. That is rapidly shifting.

“Marijuana is being covered by the media in an increasingly sophisticated and nuanced way now that the laws are changing and more people are ‘out’ as marijuana users,” said Sharda Sekaran, the managing director of communications for Drug Policy Alliance, an advocacy…

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