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Cannabis Infused Fine Dining with Chris from The Herbal Chef

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Subtlety is key for The Herbal Chef; for example, take the cheeky homage to the cannabinoid we all know and love (THC) that serves as an acronym for the name of this company. “It’s the subtlety that plays a big role in this, and that’s what the cannabis industry is missing”- Enter Chef Chris Sayegh, owner of The Herbal Chef.  Chef Sayegh is here to enlighten the masses with his romantic ideas about cannabis and food coming together to create something truly magical.


Sayegh is the quintessential renaissance man, a classically trained chef, a business owner, a lumberjack, a hunter, a fisher, a forager, a gardener and overall good human. He has worked in the kitchens of ritzy Michelin star restaurants, but is more excited to hunt, kill and cook for you; afterwards presenting your food on a beautiful wooden plate he made himself from a tree he chopped down yesterday. Yes, this person really exists (is surprisingly single) and we can all learn a lot from him. According to Sayegh, no longer is it just about getting completely stoned out of your gourd after eating a brownie, but instead, medicating yourself responsibly and gradually, using cannabis infused food for healing and general life enhancement. Sayegh wants to bring the edible market out of the shadow of sugar infused THC, by using proper packaging, next level sourcing and responsible dosing.

Chef Sayegh’s company, The Herbal Chef, is a cannabis infused fine dining experience, and it’s changing the personal chef game one beautifully crafted course at a time. This is not just catering plus weed; it’s art, living in the moment, and using marijuana to bring you into that most perfect state of mind to enjoy all of life’s beauty.  If you can believe it, he’s had the LA Philharmonic String Quartet as background music for one of his dinners, which was held in one of the largest street art galleries in the world.  According to Sayegh, “You are experiencing dining on a new level, quite literally and chemically.”  Before one of the Chef’s extravagant dinner parties, all participants must fill out a questionnaire so that they are able to be properly dosed. Even your friends who don’t partake in weed consumption will feel right at home, as all meals can be prepared with no THC whatsoever, and are just as delicious.  His services are perfect for dinner parties, special events and weddings.

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The Herbal chef isn’t just for your catering needs, though. You can find delicious edibles such as medicated ketchup and mustard, among other things.  Next up from Sayegh are frozen meals, which can be tailored to a specific ailment, focusing on patients going through chemotherapy or dealing with seizure disorders, and even meals targeted to the elderly.  He creates these meal plans alongside a nutritionist, and in the future he hopes to see them in hospitals as well as homes.

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Overall, his intense passion is focused on ultimately never compromising the integrity of the food itself. Like all the different melodies and countermelodies of a symphony, meticulous craftsmanship is paramount to the cohesive vision Sayegh is opening our senses to. For him, it isn’t about the money to be made in this burgeoning industry, but about doing something right and meaningful; building the infrastructure to help people help themselves, through food and with cannabis, all the while conserving resources and making the most of what we have on this earth, one delicious bite at a time.



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Written by: Jessy Moore

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