Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream A Popular Treat at LA Food Fest

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By Merry Jane Staff

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The annual Los Angeles Food Fest showcases the best of the city’s vibrant and diverse food scene.

This year MERRY JANE teamed up with New York City’s Mikey Likes It, a pop culture ice cream shop with a cult-like following to create the ultimate cannabis-infused dessert.

Presenting MERRY JANE’s Addiction a cannabis-infused pistachio ice cream dish with toasted nuts, chunks of baklava, and between 7 to10 milligrams of CBD in each serving.

Team MERRY JANE was on site to educate festivalgoers on the difference between CBD, THC, and answer questons.

Here’s a quick overview: While THC is the psychoactive ingredient that triggers the traditional marijuana “high”, CBD doesn’t get you high and instead offers relief from pain, anxiety, and has preventative components.

The limited edition flavor was a hit at this weekend’s event. Guests flocked to the booth to sample The Mac Daddy waffle and ice cream sandwich and the Super Mac Daddy, adouble decker waffle ice cream sandwich.

“We want to inspire the world, ice cream is just a start to how many incredible things we can do to change every community,” said Michael “Mikey” Cole. Cole, who was incarcerated for drug charges, uses a portion of proceeds to give back to New York City schools.

Upon opening up shop in L.A. is fall, the brand plans to team up with local schools to help motivate kids to become successful entrepreneurs.

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