Cannabis & Online Dating Anxiety


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Online dating is rapidly becoming a standard way to meet someone for a relationship. Let’s face it: with over 7 billion people on the planet, and the instant connectivity of social media, our social circles extend far beyond personal contacts. Why shouldn’t our dating pool? With work, family, and the multitude of tasks that take up our daily lives, many people simply need a more efficient way to find someone who is also looking for love.

A change of scene

It used to be that we met that special someone through a mutual friend, in the store, at church, or a social scene. But finding a match that way left your options fairly sparse, and could take years to bear fruit, if ever. With the Information Age, computers help us do everything faster, and more efficiently, right? Why search the local bar, when you can search the whole world in the same amount of time?

Online dating also allows us to be specific on who we are, what we want and save so much time in those first awkward dates by weeding out bad…

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