Cannabis vs Crohn’s Disease


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Crohn’s Disease and Colitis are painful, chronic conditions that can ruin someone’s quality of life, even when they aren’t acting up. When they are, these conditions can leave one writhing in pain, unable to function. Treatments for these conditions have been limited until recently, as they have now been included in some states as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

What are the conditions of Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease causes chronic pain and inflammation throughout the gastrointestinal tract, causing swelling, constipation, persistent diarrhea, rectal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, cramping, and the sensation that bowels aren’t fully evacuated.

Ulcerative Colitis belongs to the same family of disorders, known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBS, but only affects the innermost layer of the colon. Symptoms are the same as Crohn’s but also include fever, decreased appetite, fatigue, unhealthy weight loss, and amenorrhea in women.

How does cannabis help?

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