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Today we will be reviewing Charlotte’s Web products from First up is the Mint Chocolate Charlotte’s Web Everyday product.  The packaging has a professional satin black finish with white text and gold foil accents. Once you open the packaging the inside is printed with very professional mint green covered in a CW pattern.  The bottle itself is consistent with the packaging and has a nice tamper proof safety seal on the dropper top.

The smell is a nice welcoming Mint Chocolate that is reminiscent of the small foil wrapped pieces of chocolate that you used to eat when you were younger. At the first drop, the mint aroma fills your nose with a crisp scent, like rubbing fresh mint together in your hands. The taste is subtle and follows with a soothing velvet feeling that leads to a smooth chocolate finish. The feeling starts almost immediately, which is relieving and euphoric without any hint of intoxicating effects at all. We definitely recommend this flavor for first time users it tastes great out of the dropper but it can be added to your favorite smoothie, shake or even coffee in the morning.

Next up is the Everyday product in Olive Oil flavor.  The packaging on the outside is the same as the mint chocolate, however when you open up the box it has a golden/khaki printed interior. The olive oil scent is pretty simple and has no exaggerated scents.  It simply smells like olive oil. The taste is subtle and has a very earthy flavor, and there’s a slight taste of what we can only describe as “green.” The effects are identical to the mint chocolate hemp oil, which is incredibly relaxing and calming. This could be added to basically any drink and wouldn’t have a huge effect on the taste.

The Everyday Plus Mint Chocolate is very similar to the the Everyday version except the scent is a little more intense. The flavor is a bit stronger, however that might have to do with the scent being a little more intense. The feeling is definitely increased as well.  The calming feeling is similar to a floating feeling with all of the tension in your body being released. Overall, if you are in need of strong relief the Everyday Plus would be a perfect fit for you. The Everyday Plus Olive Oil is much like the Everyday version except the effects are increased. The Everyday Plus Olive Oil would be a great addition to a drink for maximum relief and calming feeling. Not included in this review was the Everyday Advanced hemp oil which we can imagine has incredible effects.

In conclusion, the Charlotte’s Web Hemp products have an excellent line-up. They have taken into consideration who will be using their products and it truly shows. We give the products two thumbs up based on the flavor profiles and the professional packaging. If you are in need of hemp oil or if you haven’t tried hemp oil and are looking for a good brand to try first we suggest ordering some products from  You will not be disappointed.

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