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Colombia Legalizes Medical Marijuana


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Columbia has now legalized medical marijuana across the entire nation. Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia, signed a decree that made medical marijuana legal officially. This will give Colombia many added benefits as they continue to struggle with the war on drugs. Not having to focus energy and effort as much on marijuana will allow the country to put their resources in areas where it is needed much more.

The president announced it is fully legal to import and export, grow, and process cannabis for scientific and medical purposes. This is huge news for the medical community in Columbia. As Columbia is looking to utilize natural resources and the ability to help fight off diseases that are plaguing the country.

According to Robert Platshorn, the Columbia marijuana scene is huge.  He should know, as he did get busted smuggling more than 3 million pounds of cannabis out of Columbia a few decades ago. According to President Juan Manuel Santos, this monumental move “Places Colombia in the group of countries that are at the forefront … in the use of natural resources to fight disease.” We salute you for being a pioneer in this movement and showing others that despite the drug wars that are really occurring, marijuana can rise above and bring benefits to a society and economy.


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