Cooking with Keira: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil


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Welcome back to Cooking with Keira ! I’m Keira, and today I’ll be showing you how to make cannabis-infused olive oil!

Why should I make Canna Olive Oil?

Oils with higher fat content, like olive oil and coconut oil, absorb more cannabinoids (THC/CBD), resulting in a higher potency. From cooking pasta, making salad dressings, or dipping bread, I’ve found that medicated olive oil is extremely versatile in the kitchen. You can even use it to make tinctures and topicals.

How Do You Make Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil?

You’ll need a few things.


  • Slow cooker
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Rubber spatula
  • Whisk



adding oil

Turn the slow cooker to the lowest setting (around 170F). Add 2 ½ cups of olive oil.

adding cannabis
Add ½ ounce of cannabis. Pour into the middle to make sure it doesn’t stick to the sides. Stir gently – don’t push down. Cover slow cooker.

slow cooker
Allow oil and cannabis to cook for 6 hours. Once 6 hours have passed, go ahead and turn your slow cooker off. Let the oil cool for 15-20 minutes; it will be extremely hot!

pouring cannabis oil
I use a French Press to strain my plant material (similar to when I make cannabutter) — I think it is the best and easiest way to strain. BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS. Slowly pour the oil AWAY from your body to make sure you don’t spill any on your skin. Use your rubber spatula to scrape any excess flower from the slow cooker.

straining cannabis oil
If using a French Press, make sure that you push down slowly to make sure none of the decarbed flower gets through. After it’s strained, let the oil sit for a couple of minutes to cool before transferring to a container.

cannabis oil diy
Pour strained olive oil into an airtight container; cover container and place in the fridge.
cooking with kiera oil

Voila! You now have Canna Olive Oil! Let’s get to cooking!

Stay tuned for more recipes with Cooking with Keira !

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