Current Marijuana Laws Stifle Innovation By Imprisoning Entrepreneurs


Cannabis has endured against all odds and overwhelming negative publicity. Not only endured, but it is thriving, pushing the mainstream thinking, and forever altering the course of history. What does that say about those who have believed in the plant and fought for its freedom? Characteristics such as intelligence, creativity, tenacity, courage, self-sacrifice, and compassion spring to mind.

The benefit to society of these individuals and their attributes is immense. Faced with adversity, they have not given in. Much like the plant they enjoy, they

The world needs more cannabis lovers

In a recent hearing of the US Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control, Senator Chuck Grassley said:

“Good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Far from it. Some of the best and brightest have enjoyed the herb. From Presidents and CEO’s to scientists, scholars, inventors, entrepreneurs, doctors, charity workers, and numerous politicians and parents.

It is not the use of a plant that makes one good or…

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