Do You Believe This New Shocking Bob Marley Conspiracy?


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A Kingston, Jamaica news station is reporting the identity of a dead homeless man to be the legendary Bob Marley. The man was found dead behind a fast food restaurant, presumably living in a cardboard box. This kind of report should be held with extreme skepticism, as external sources are usually never around for claims like this. 

Circumstantial evidence?

Jamaican authorities initially discovered the man with a small amount of cannabis and an aging guitar, with no I.D. on his person. He also carried a small photograph of the Parliament Buildings in London. Jamaica’s National DNA Database confirmed the theory with a positive ID using samples from the deceased man. The chief coroner Jacob Chambers made this statement after the results were public.

I thought it must be a joke. My colleague came running into my office waving a piece of paper in the air. ‘You’re not going to believe this’, he shouted. I told him to calm down and explain what all the excitement was about.

When he told me, I…

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