Do You Know How High You Really Are?


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One of the many challenges that cannabis faces is simply that of measurement. Alcohol, tobacco, even hot peppers have a unit of measurement that applies to the potency of a product. Cannabis, on the other hand, has no such regimented measurement. It is high time we develop a standard unit of highness so we know how high we are.

Compared to alcohol

Alcohol has a fairly standard system in place for determining potency and impairment. Every bottle is labeled with % of alcohol by volume. Every roadside test measures blood alcohol content. Any bartender can tell you that you will get the same amount of alcohol from a 12 oz. beer as you would from 5 oz. of wine or a 1.5 oz. shot of 80-proof liquor. It is this ‘proof’ that tells you exactly how much alcohol is inside.

As a result, there is also a standard for impairedness. Most states in the US set the limit for drunken driving at a threshold of .08% Blood Alcohol Content. This makes it a relatively easy process with elementary math to determine what…

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