Do You Know The 3 Most Common Ways People Fake Drug Tests?


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Soon, we will live in a world where consuming cannabis on your own time will be as common and accepted as beers after work, but right now, employers can still fire you if you test positive for cannabis. Even if it is legal in your state and even if you have a doctor’s recommendation.

Why, science, why?

The sad fact of recreational substances is that the one that is least harmful to you, cannabis, is the one that stays detectable in your system the longest. As a result, an entire industry of products designed to help you beat drug tests had sprung up and continues to thrive despite the inclusion in many state laws of criminal charges for trying to beat a test.

The problem is that testers are on the lookout for them. Here are the three most popular methods to beat a drug test. Some people swear by them, some are sitting in jail for trying.

1. Detox drinks

There are plenty of drinks like THC Detox, Instant Clean, and Rapid Clear that promise to clean you out for a urinalysis within 24…
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