Dopey Deputy Makes Embarrassing Mistake


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Jason Miller of Houston NORML was recently accused of carrying “shake” inside his vehicle by Deputy B.A. Collier. What exactly made this cop suspicious? Let’s just say he totally judged a book by its cover. Apparently if you like cannabis, that automatically means you’re an user and carry it on you. To make matters even more embarrassing, what Collier discovered wasn’t even close to being cannabis. Be sure to check out the video below to see Deputy B.A. Collier and his discovery. 

It’s just chex mix

Jason Miller had been representing Houston NORML on his Escalade for over a year with no issues until he ran into the deputy, who swore that he saw “shake” on his passenger side floor. Miller had just finished up some shopping when he came outside and noticed Collier peeping inside his vehicle. He even admitted that Miller’s vehicle drew his suspicion, specifically, the stickers that were on it.

It’s about marijuana, and people who like marijuana are most-likely marijuana users,…

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