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Edible Adventures at the SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup, Part 2


Two back-to-back weekends of the SoCal Cannabis Cup barely gave me enough time to sleep off all of the edibles I ate during the first weekend! Sure enough, I emerged from my “highbernation” last Friday just in time to snack my way through more booths full of generous vendors looking to hand out samples. It was almost like being at Costco all weekend, except everything had pot in it!

At this point in the weed game, there are medicated versions of just about every food you can imagine. The only thing I haven’t seen yet is THC-infused toothpaste, and I’m sure some ganjapreneur is getting ready to launch such a product any day now. Judges at the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup are always looking for originality, as well as delicious, beautiful, potent, healthy, fun foods that provide healing relief in a variety of dosage levels from 5 to 500 milligrams. Having such an abundance of options to choose from can be daunting, but there’s definitely a medicated product out there to please everyone, from the biggest junk food junkie to the healthiest hippie.

Start your day at House of Jane with cannabis-infused coffee and teas, plus a healthy “Dream Date Bar” containing 70 milligrams of THC. Available in Indica/Sativa hybrid or high-CBD formulations, medicated coffees come in dosage levels of 20, 80 or 200 mg of THC.


Medicated ice tea is a great way to cool off in the sun, while avoiding the dehydration and fatigue brought on by alcoholic beverages. House of Jane cannabis teas are available in three flavors—Green Tea, Unsweetened Tea and Sweet Black Tea—each with 80 mg of THC.

Chef Nugs representing his line of Stoney Sauces—there’s THC-infused maple syrup, medicated mayo, “terpiyaki” glaze, mustard, ketchup, wing sauce and more!

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Nugs also created this custom cake for a coworker’s Cannabis Cup birthday!

Goodies by MaGooch captured a third place award for their Gravity Lock cannabis-infused olive oil powered by Paris OG.

The crew at Goodies by MaGooch was handing out medicated empanadas all weekend! Delicious chicken and potato or vegetable empanadas in a savory crust infused with 40 milligrams of THC for a satisfying meal that kept me baked all day. Get the recipe for these Hot Pockets of Highness and make medicated empanadas at home!

Time for a healthy break at Fruit Slabs. Medicated fruit leather dosed at 100 milligrams of THC, perfect for the vegan cannabis…

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