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Ele-Ele-Ele-Elevape Me

The Elevape Smart is a true convection vaporizer built with the serious vaper in mind. It’s near indestructible, attractive and functional. Most audaciously, it produces instant vapor!

My Elevape Smart arrives fresh from the unboxing video boys, who plonk it on my table and challenge me to take a hit. It sits there, all sleek, matt black and enigmatic. I can’t even figure out how to turn the thing on…and fail.

In fact, the Elevape Smart operates by simply taking a puff on the mouthpiece. This activates the heating coil and heat up is immediate. Yes folks, here we have the absolute no-wait vape; it’s got to be some kind of Holy Grail moment!

Design Brief: High Ideals

The Elevape was developed by IpuffUSA (founded 2010 in San Diego, California) with the express intent of creating “the most user friendly, most efficient, and stealthiest portable vaporizer on the market.”

Tasked with this tall order was a team of 7 engineers with experience in thermodynamics, sensing systems, airflow analysis, software development and product design.

As Hard as They Come

The Elevape Smart is the fruit of this 4-year R&D project. It’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It will be interesting to see how many they get returned, because the Smart is one solid vape. Precision machined entirely out of aircraft grade aluminum, you could drive a truck over this baby and still get good vape.

And it would still look great. It’s surface treated with a smooth finish in the vapor path for easy cleaning, and the outer surface is glass bead blasted…

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