Emergency Oil Change: Reclaim That Budder, Shatter, or Earwax Residue


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Written by Monterey Bud
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First world problems: I’m out of dabsCrap!

Gather the dirty oil rigs and whip out the Pyrex. Stockpile the high-grade Everclear and crank up the hot plate; its time for me to wake-n-bake and things are about to get sticky.

Called criminal for my cannabinoid habit, running out of concentrates on the road is a definite problem for someone with a volatile personality – like myself. Thankfully, I’ve got a temporary solution for this long-term supply problem; reclaim the oil at the bottom of my rig.

Devoid of pride and looking for that morning rip of concentrated love – it’s time to reclaim that sticky, amber-ish, resin-like deposit captured at the bottom of my oil rig; collecting and dabbing the reclaimed oil and taking the edge off the beginning of the workday.

Reclaimed Budder, Shatter, or Earwax residue – it’s all good!

Providing the leftover residue from my prior consumption a second chance to soothe the savage beast (a.k.a. get me high), the captured oil from the past month or so of dabbing is about to pay some serious dividends during my time of need.

FYI: Reclaimed oil can contain up to 60% THC. So, remember the old axiom … “waste not, want not.”

For those that don’t know, there are a couple of basic techniques for extracting the residue from your daily driver (read: oilrig). While some use a high-grade alcohol as a solvent, others prefer the solvent-free substitute – heat.

The methodology deployed will generally depend on the shape of your rig, as well as your patience level! Caveat: Be cautious when using any alcohol near an open flame!

Simple yet sticky, here are your needed provisions: Everclear, a hot plate, a Pyrex dish / silicone mat, paper towels, a razor blade, and some hot water

Extracting Reclaim

Time-consuming, simple, and efficient; Everclear achieves what hours of scraping can’t. Forget ISO (isopropyl alcohol) and put down the vodka. Originally distilled for the serious fan of clear grain alcohol, Everclear is available in both 151 and 190-proof. And unlike ISO, which can be easily purchased from your local neighborhood pharmacy, Everclear is safe for human consumption (sort of).


Reclaim with Everclear:

  • Pour the Everclear into your rig … letting it soak for about 5 minutes
  • Shake vigorously
  • Pour the contents into a Pyrex glass dish
  • Let the Pyrex dish sit for 24 hours, allowing the alcohol to evaporate
  • For the impatient stoner, set the Pyrex dish of Reclaim and Everclear in another Pyrex dish of water (double boiler), and then slowly heat it. This will expedite the evaporation process. Once the Everclear has been thoroughly evaporated, simply scrape out the sticky reclaim and consume at your leisure.

So, you don’t have access to Everclear … or, you dislike the idea of utilizing any form of solvents? Try hot water. Releasing the adhesive nature of Reclaim, hot water is effective at removing most of the residual oil.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.48.58 AM

Reclaim with Hot Water:

  • Heat water, but don’t boil
  • Again, shake vigorously
  • Pour mixture into Pyrex dish
  • Repeat until satisfied
  • Drain water and allow to dry
  • Grab your favorite dab tool and rig … and hit it (Caveat: if dabbed when moist, look out for popping Reclaim)

For those with an older oil rig, consider upgrading your daily driver by purchasing a Reclaim catching arm to avoid the dilemma I face today … a sticky mess!

(Photos Courtesy of TokeCity And ThickAssGlass )

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