Epic Numbers March For Cannabis Around The World


April might have 420, but May is the month of marijuana marches. Since 1999, hundreds and even thousands of people gather on the streets of major cities across the globe to publicly protest current anti-cannabis policies. This year, organizers expected massive turnouts for the events and were not disappointed. Cities were filled, and the sweet scent of civil disobedience wafted through the air. And for the most part, the marches went off without incident.

Around the US

In the United States, marijuana marches took place the first Saturday of May, and in fact, will continue in some states every weekend for the rest of the month. Shaun McAlister, executive director of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of NORML spoke on the public display.

“We want to see a change in our laws sooner rather than later. We are through with our tax dollars being wasted on prohibition.”

Across Texas, cities large and small are holding their own rallies throughout the month, finishing with a…

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