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Ever Wondered What $1Million Worth Of Weed Looks like?


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The police had received a tip about the incoming shipment and were equipped with drug sniffing dogs near New York University. Sources claimed that the product was shipping from California to Newark, and then driven into the West Village. The same source claimed that the shipment contained a total of 193 airtight weed bags, each weighing roughly 1.5 pounds. And they claimed that if the product was sold in smaller quantities, it would retail for just shy of a million dollars!

Patrick Johnson, and Christopher Bender and Matthew Parrigo, were each charged with criminal drug possession in the first degree. It’s very unfortunate to hear about stories like this, knowing that maybe 10 or 20 years from now, these stories will not exist because of nationwide legalization. If the country had already opened up recreational use within the whole country, people like this wouldn’t get into situations where they are smuggling a million dollars worth of weed across the country. If you could buy marijuana…

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