Everyone’s Talking About Veganic Weed (And Why It Will Save The World)


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A new term is making its way onto dispensary menus: veganic. But, what makes vegan cannabis different from the traditional stuff? And why are growers making the switch to veg-friendly cultivation practices? Here’s why everyone is talking about veganic weed.

What do you mean cannabis isn’t vegan?

Cannabis is a plant. Doesn’t that make it vegan by nature? Well, not exactly. Many of the plants we eat are fertilized with animal products. Bone meal, fish hydrolase, and blood meal are all common organic fertilizers. As their names suggest, all of these products contain animal materials.

Adding animal materials to your plants is a quick way to get a huge nutrient boost. Unfortunately, this means that the plants you’re smoking still rely on animal agriculture. Bad news if you’re an environmental or ethical herbivore.

Yet, a new trend is spreading across the cannabis sphere: veganic weed.

What is veganic weed?

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“Veganic” is a hybrid term for vegan and organic. Veganic growing uses…

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