Ex-Quaterback On A Quest “Improving Quality Of Life”


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Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer spent 10 years in the league, performing at a supreme level. His success as a quarterback came from his fearless scrambling and dedication to understanding his opponents. What you might not know about Plummer is that he went above and beyond when looking out for his teammates. Whether on the field, in the locker room, or at home, Plummer was always available as a mentor and role model.

Quarterback for life

In retirement Plummer continues to look out for current and former NFL players. He is now an advocate for Charlotte’s Web the hemp extract made in Boulder, Colorado and believes the NFL should consider the product as a method of pain management and prevention. Plummer’s time in the NFL came at a cost to his mind and body – a cost that he believes current players could avoid by using Charlotte’s Web.

I’m going to credit most of the pain and injuries I sustained in my life to football. – Plummer

Traditionally NFL players deal with the pain that…

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