Exploring the Canna-Mani: A Cannabis Nail Design Picture Gallery


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Written by Nicolle Callier
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We arrived at noon for my appointment and checked in. While I waited, I was encouraged to pick out the colors I wanted for my manicure. After Julia and Rebecca helped me decide on the perfect polishes, my nail technician Daniella emerged, excited and ready to get started on what would be both Leafly and Sènsé’s first experience with cannabis nail art. I took a seat at Daniella’s station, where she immediately got to buffing and filing away at my nails.

To add length to my natural nails and achieve the look I wanted, Daniella recommended I get a liquid hard gel full set. Ladies usually opt for a full set for aesthetic reasons, or to extend the length of their natural nails.

Daniella then cut my nails to the desired length and filed them into an almond shape.

Next, she applied a nail primer on my nails before applying the liquid hard gel. With the gentlest touch, Daniella gracefully placed her brush in the gel, twirling it around before completely drizzling it over my nail.

Applying Nail Primer for Cannabis Nail Art
As we watched Daniella do her magic, Rebecca couldn’t help herself and had a few burning questions of her own to ask the manicurist:

“Have you ever had to scratch a client’s face for them while their nails dry? What are some of the nastiest nail experiences you’ve had with clients? Any people come in here with Cheeto dust under their nails?”

(Some valid questions — don’t act like you’ve never wondered what really goes down at your nail salon. Somebody’s got to ask, right?)

After I set both hands under the LED light to cure the gel on my nails, Rebecca ground up a bud of the strain Blueberry Cheesecake, leftover from the deliciously infused blueberry cheesecake she made.

Grinding Blueberry Cheesecake Strain for Cannabis Nail Art Design
Once the bud was broken down, Daniella picked up flecks of cannabis and placed them directly onto the nail of my ring finger.

Next, she brushed more gel over the ground flower to keep it in place.

Adding Gel for Cannabis Nail Design
After my nails with the cannabis design were cured under an LED light, Daniella got to work painting the rest of my nails. With Hempfest, Seattle’s annual cannabis legalization festival, taking place that weekend, I couldn’t help but show my Leafly pride by choosing our signature strain colors. Daniella even painted our tile logo onto a nail on each hand.

Cannabis Nail Art Design with Leafly Logo
Overall, the process took a whopping 2 ½ hours, but we were slowed down a bit by a slew of amusingly stupid questions from Rebecca and Julia and the occasional employee rubbernecking, as they had never seen a cannabis-infused nail design before. Although I did go a little colorful with my nails, I really enjoyed the end result and thought the cannabis design added a subtle but unique touch going into the Hempfest weekend.


The end result: a glossy, organic-looking fingernail accent amid Leafly colors and our tile logo.

Whether you’re looking for a head-turning nail design to try on your next visit to the spa or have been searching for a new way to incorporate your love of cannabis into your personal style, a canna-mani is a fun option that will definitely spark some conversations once people notice your new look. Special thanks to Sènsé Nail Spa and their fabulous staff for being such good sports (and for giving me a fantastic manicure)!

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