Female Entrepreneurs & The Year Of The Upscale Cannabis Consumer


Will 2016 be the year that we change the typical “stoner” image? Society has labeled cannabis users as tie-dye wearing hippies for some time now. That’s all about to change as female entrepreneurs begin to introduce fancy cannabis attire and accessories. 

Sparkling pot-leaf necklaces, diamond-studded bongs, and lipstick lighters are only a few examples of upscale products that women are bringing to its more fashionable pot smokers. According to Jeanine Moss, co-founder of AnnaBís luxury purses for herb, lady entrepreneurs these days are a little more Prada and a little less tie-dye.

Year of the upscale cannabis consumer


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Jeanine Moss is one of many women that are entering the fast-growing industry. This is an industry that is destined for success, especially in California if voters express their approval for its recreational use in November. Over 20 million American women who earn a minimum of $75,000 per year have consumed cannabis, according to a Pew Research Center report done in June of…

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