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Former DEA Agent Does U-Turn, Now Supports Legalized Marijuana

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Prohibition is not successful


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Mr. Selander supports the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, he believes it’s time that we end prohibition and allow individuals to enjoy marijuana safely and legally. Being that he’s currently retired, he now has the freedom to speak up about the issue. He claims that he was not alone in his thoughts, a few folks that he worked with shared similar views but decided to keep quiet on the matter to avoid any punishments.

The prohibition of marijuana has been nothing but a fail, according to Selander. Attempts at reducing its use has been unsuccessful  because it’s available everywhere, easy to grow and is used normally in the privacy of one’s home. That’s not the only reason to legalize the “drug”, though. If legalized, we have the opportunity to regulate and control the growth and purchase of cannabis from respectable dispensaries. Most importantly, it will be taken out of the hands of the unstoppable drug cartels.

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