G-Pen Elite

The David Bowie of portable vapesAs any vape fiend will tell you, the perfect portable vaporizer doesn’t exist; size, power, design – everything is a trade off. But damn, the innovative yet gorgeous Grenco Science G-Pen Elite comes close.

The Elite arrives in an attractive cylindrical box with laser-cut foam inserts to keep the contents secure. Each Elite is individually numbered for registration, and hopefully to reduce the chances of cheap knock-offs of its brilliant design – the result of Grenco’s own research. The original, groundbreaking Pax was plagued by piracy, and there are enough decent, cheap vapes these days to make sure you buy what it says on the box.

Making an impression

Out of said box comes the device itself: super-tactile rubberized matt-finish, scratch resistant, ergonomically curvaceous yet so, so sleek – almost suave. A single recessed button on its back is the only interface at first glance; closer inspection reveal up- and –down swooshes in the side, which intuitively suggest temp control.

Right size & shape

And man, it is incredibly compact. This baby is tiny and fits easily into a back pocket. Its build and weight just feel right in the hand. And comfortable in either hand too, thanks to its ergonomic grooves. Neither too light nor too heavy, it feels solid and suggestive of longevity.

The Elite continues to live up to its name: standing upright easily, its elegance and understated good looks will appeal to both men and women; the G-Pen Elite is basically the David Bowie of portable herbal vapes!

Slim accessories

A slimline accessories…

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