Get Involved: Join The Global Marijuana March This May


During the weekend’s of May, people all over the world will come together for a Global Marijuana March. Countries around the world have organized parades, marches, and rallies, throughout the entire month, in support of the wonderful herb we all know and love. With so many events planned, it can be hard to keep track of which celebration is happening where. For those planning to attend a march or two, or for those of us who will be following along through social media, we’ve got the schedule covered.

Join The Global Marijuana March

While many of us don’t need a special day to show our appreciation for cannabis, if one of these marches is close to you, be sure to attend. These events are a great way to meet other people who share the love of cannabis, as well as a great place to express that passion freely, without fear of judgment or penalty.



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Vienna May 14: Global Marijuana March



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Liege May 7: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis 2016 (World March for Cannabis)

Antwerp May…

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