Getting Weed In Jamaica Is Now Easy As Renting A Car


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There is no denying the lure of sampling some authentic Jamaican herb while enjoying the island. Legendary landrace ganja grown here has long been loved by artists and aficionados of all creeds.  Until recently, it has remained illegal, but the laws have started to come around. The biggest issue is how tourists can take advantage of the change, and Jamaica can enjoy the income.

A kiosk in every port

Cruise line literally bring in cash-carrying tourists by the boatload, but how can they enjoy the herb with only an afternoon to acclimate? A new system being championed by the Cannabis Licensing Authority will make the process of getting your “green card” as painless and swift as picking up a rental car. Perhaps swifter. With the potential of Pot vending machines making headway, it could be as simple as going from one line to another.

At every port, land or sea, tourists will be able to go to kiosk desks and fill out a form. Trained medical staff will be on hand to assist in the evaluation if…

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