Grass, Not Guns: San Fran Gun Shop To Become Cannabis Club


San Francisco‘s last gun store shuttered its doors last fall. Now, the shop, located on the city’s historic Mission Street, is likely to reopen under the same name as a cannabis dispensary.

High Bridge Cannabis Club

The director of the planned High Bridge Cannabis Club, Sean Killen, offered his excitement about the club’s opening while conducting a tour to local reporters.

“It’s cool. The space is fantastic. Some lounge seating right there another retail in the corner right there. It seems very San Francisco. It seems like one of those things that for us, it seems like was one of those things that was supposed to happen the way it did.”

The Gun Shop

According to the High Bridge gun store’s former manager, the shop was forced to shutter its doors after 64 years in operation. The cause was reportedly the expense of complying with increased regulations, such as a requirement that all gun sales be videotaped.

According to one lifelong resident of the neighborhood, Jo Lein,…

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