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Guppy Fish Lives On


CANNABIS CULTURE – I’m incredibly sad to read the news about the passing of one of my greatest friends from the cannabis community, Dave Easterbrook – better known as Guppy Fish.

Guppy was a photographer for Cannabis Culture Magazine who brought his electrifying in-person spirit to his work on the page (and screen – see an online Guppy’s Gallery).

Gup ‘n’ me

He was also a dedicated activist who rarely missed a protest rally, no matter how small or rainy.

Guppy always wore an uplifting smile – partially obscured by his signature glowing-white handlebar moustache – and wouldn’t accept any greeting but a giant hug.

The man was a legend in the community and even more so to those who knew him well and had the chance to experience his uplifting verve first-hand.

I shouldn’t feel too sad though, because I know a person like Guppy never actually leaves us.

A spirit that strong can never be extinguished and remains burning in the cells, minds and hearts of those who came in direct contact with him and the thousands that will benefit from his years of passionate advocacy and hard work on behalf of the cannabis plant.

See you on the other side Gup. Love you forever, my brother.

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