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Happy Anniversary, Colorado


Image Credit: The Denver Post

It’s just a touch past two years now since legal marijuana sales began in the state of Colorado and unlike some predicted the sky didn’t fall! In fact, the sky has risen more thanks to the elevated state of the economy.  Let’s look at a couple of the great things Colorado should be celebrating on this anniversary!

Cannabis Arrests Are Down

Since the legalization and implementation of a legal marijuana industry for both medical patients and recreational consumers, arrest for cannabis related offenses have dropped by over 80% in the state! This means that thousands of people are not mixed up in the justice system thanks to the laws passed two years ago! Not only have arrest rates related to cannabis dropped in Colorado, arrests for drug related offenses, in general, have also dropped by an average of 23% at the judicial district level since January of 2014 when Amendment 64 went into effect.

Revenue For Important Health And Education Services Have Highly Increased

Colorado has made a lot of green off of the legal green markets from marijuana in the state! It’s estimated that the state brought in an excess of 125 million dollars in 2015 from taxes. These funds will now be allocated to programs surrounding public education, youth drug prevention, behavioral and mental health and many more. Can you imagine what 125 million dollars annually could do for public programs in all 50 states??

These are very exciting numbers to see from one of the pioneering states in this great revolution! Congratulations to Colorado!


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