Has That Myth About Marijuana Lowering Sperm Count Just Been Busted?


In the first group, those mice treated with an activator showed an acceleration of spermatogenesis. That means that they increased their sperm count. The second group, which was given an inhibitor for the CB2 receptor, showed a much slower rate of creating sperm.

In layman’s terms, if you and the missus are having trouble conceiving, try using cannabis. CBD, which activates the CB2 receptor, can increase sperm production. Cannabis also has an effect on libido and general pleasure during sex, so you will probably have more fun making babies than ever before. There are even cannabis infused lubricants that women have come to swear by for longer, more powerful orgasms.

Is there a downside?

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Better sex is great, but being more fertile isn’t always a good thing. If you don’t want to become a parent, but are using cannabis, it might be a good time to discuss contraceptives. That old myth that smoking weed lowers sperm count could well be busted.

Many of the studies that have propagated the myth that weed…

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