Has the DEA Has Been Lying About Research Cannabis?


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Since 1968 the DEA has upheld that international treaty obligations mandate that the agency can license no more than one entity to cultivate marijuana for research purposes. The Univ. of Mississippi has been the single entity allowed to cultivate marijuana for research in the US, but a new correspondence from the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement may challenge this antiquated system.

Something just isn’t right


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In 2011, the DEA ignored a ruling from its own law judge in order to continue its oversight on the government’s apparent marijuana monopoly. Originally, in 2007, Judge Mary Ellen Bittner argued that allowing the private cultivation of marijuana for research was in the “public’s best interest”, but the DEA disagreed.

The 2011 ruling from Judge Bittner was spurred by the University of Massachusetts’ request to cultivate and research cannabis. The DEA had originally rejected the request in 2004, but Judge Bittner challenged their decision. A…

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