Healthy Lungs #4: The Effects Of Long-Term Marijuana Smoking


Like everything in the marijuana world, the herb’s impact on the lungs is a topic of hot debate. Smoking of any sort is often associated with lung damage. Recent cannabis research, however, is changing the game. While it was once a given that marijuana smoke had the same lung-damaging impact as tobacco, large-scale findings have failed to find a firm correlation. But, there still may be some long-term effects associated with some common smoking methods. The fourth segment of our Healthy Lungs series will go over potential effects of long-term smoking.

Effects of long-term marijuana smoking

Let’s get one thing clear. Research has put a halt on the idea that smoking marijuana inevitably causes irreversible lung damage. A 2015 study completed by Emory University compared data from marijuana smokers aged 18 to 59 to non-smoking controls. They specifically looked at the ability to exhale. Poor exhalation is a marker of lung disease.

The result? There was no statistical…

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