Here’s How Marijuana Legalization Would Help These 5 Industries


There was a time when most people believed that the legalization of marijuana would mean the demise of all order. But look at where we are now – a place in time where the marijuana industry has bigger economic growth prospects than any other industry.  This doesn’t just benefit those parties directly interested in the marijuana industry, itwill be economically beneficial for others, too.

With Colorado projecting over a  $1 billion annual income this year and Oregon following shortly behind, even the government stands to make a lot of money from the sale of marijuana. Well, the truth of marijuana is that it is good for everyone, even those that aren´t using it. Many industries indirectly related to the marijuana industry will benefit from this growing industry.

1. Tourism


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This might seem like a long shot, but with more states legalizing marijuana and more marijuana events popping up all over the USA, marijuana tourism is rising. It is also becoming popular for people from around the world to…

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