Here’s How To Protect Your Weed From Mold


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As with any fresh produce, there are two concerns when choosing cannabis: pesticides and mold. Pesticides can be controlled simply by ensuring that you, or the source you get it from, choose not to use harmful chemicals in growing or protecting their crop. Mold, on the other hand, is a product of the environment, and can sneak into herb at any stage without proper controls. Here is a handy guide to understanding, spotting, and preventing this lecherous growth from ruining your precious plants.

Why mold is bad

For those who live in dry climates, mold is a rare concern, but for those who live in humid parts of the world, the devastation it can cause to houses and health is well known. When mold manages to get a foothold on herb intended for smoking, it can cause serious health complications. It is far more likely than getting laced weed, and its effects will often be mistaken for that more sinister culprit. It can cause, depending on the type of mold and exposure, a number…

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